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Dynamic and Interactive NFTs that run with live code

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What is Supernova?

Supernova is a Creative Force - taking form as a design collective and curated marketplace of artists, coders and expeditionaries - seeking to push the boundaries of artistic expression and experience. We are building interactive, “living” NFTs to enhance the way consumers engage with art. These special type NFTs, which we're calling X-NFTs, run with code and can intelligently and independently react to environmental changes, unlocking new opportunities of immersion and utility IRL and in the metaverse.

What is "Living" art?

We are focused on innovating NFT dynamics, interaction, immersion and utility through various code-based tools. Giving NFTs their own lifeforms, we're creating X-NFTs, which require eXecutable code to run and are primarily web-based, so can run on any device. We particularly love ThreeJS, p5.js, Blender, MaxMSP, WebXR and Tensorflow.js.

What's Next?

Our Genesis Drop will be a collection of X-NFTs on Solana to showcase the power of intelligent artwork. These NFTs are time-aware, starting as flowers and gradually evolving into blooming gardens - we aim to provide a living and breathing artwork, through which holders can explore nature's symmetry and algorithms. After this drop, we have a number of additional X-NFT projects on the way (Both collections and 1/1s)

Long Term

Our goal is to nurture talent and create a platform to showcase inspiring and innovative ideas. We love renaissance women and men with artistic passion, whether that be for mathematics, philosophy, meditation, painting, coding, music, dancing, gaming, poetry, film - the list is endless. All of these contribute greatly to the art that we are trying to deliver to the world.

We'd love to connect!

Send us what you're working on and let us know how we can help you achieve your creative goals!


Message me here!

With a decade of coding experience and 4 years of industry work in Progressive Web Apps, Parallax believes web experiences can unlock the power of highly functional NFTs that run anywhere. Also a music producer, long-time meditator and fan of all things 3d, he seeks to connect passionately curious individuals to build in the web-based Metaverse.

or email hello@supernova.academy


Reach out to @0x_Parallax on Twitter, Follow the Supernova Twitter page, and reach out to @0x_Parallax on Twitter, follow


Phase 0
  • Social Accounts Setup (Discord, Twitter)
  • Website v1 Launch - project concept, showcase, roadmap, vision
  • Onboard 600 talented artists, collectors, coders
  • Manage social media + Discord server to build Generation 1 community
  • Announce Genesis Collection details and mint date
Phase 1
  • Website v2 Launch - custom minting experience and members area to view and interact with dynamic NFTs
  • Sellout Genesis Collection Drop
  • Onboard 2000 talented artists, collectors, coders
  • Website v3 Launch - 1/1 dynamic artforms support, AR NFT mobile support, DAO voting integration
Phase 2+
  • Incubate and launch collaborative curated collections, tools and 1/1's from the Academy's Artists exploring art themes, utilities and concepts including: interactive, dynamic and interdependent experiences, geometry, mathematics, color, 3d models, VR, AR, Music, AI, fashion and more.
  • Continue to build out the Academy with incredible talent, inspiration and collaboration
  • Continue to fill your Metaverse with wonder, beauty and immersion, pushing the next frontier of art & entertainment!


Imagine walking into a magic shop in Harry Potter's Wizarding World... your imagination is the sky! We want to evoke this sense of wonder whenever you walk in here...

👾Code-based NFTs
(interactive, dynamic, highly-functional)


🔭Interdisciplinary collaboration & innovation

🔮Immersive & magical experiences

💎Curated platform
for talent

🚀Ready for evolving technology
(web experiences =

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What defines an X-NFT?

If the NFT's content requires eXecutable code to function, it is an X-NFT. This means it can be interactive, intelligent, dynamic and interdependent.

If it's just an image, video, GIF or static 3d model, it is not an X-NFT.

Can I run X-NFTs in my wallet?

Not yet - your wallet will have a rendered representation of your X-NFT e.g. image, video or GIF. But, your wallet will also have the URL for where your X-NFT is hosted, and you can access its full experience. You will be able to interact and run your X-NFTs using your desktop browser, mobile browser, augmented reality environments, or standalone apps in mobile / Smart TVs, with infrastructure provided by the Supernova ecosystem.

When will the first collection drop?

Spring/Summer 2022

How much will the X-NFTs cost, and how many will there be?

Each collection will have different costs, quantities and drop mechanics. Stay tuned for announcements.

What is the utility of Supernova's X-NFTs?

Also depends on the collection. Some X-NFTs will provide standalone utility (the code it runs is the utility - think of an AI assistant) vs. others will provide utility in the Supernova ecosystem (allowing you to do things when you hold it) vs. others will be standalone artworks in the ecosystem.

Where will minting take place? And secondary sales?

Minting will take place on the Supernova website, and secondary sales will take place on marketplaces like Magic Eden, or may sometimes be resold on the Supernova platform.

How do I get involved?

DM @XNFTguy on Twitter, or email hello@supernova.academy – tell us about your passions, send us some material, we'd love to be in touch!

If you're an Artist: we are lining up projects and collaborations, so would love to see what you are working on. And it's OK if your art isn't being rendered with code - we can help evolve your idea into an X-NFT

What blockchain will this be on?

Solana, but may expand into more than 1 blockchain.